Licques Turkey Parade and Christmas Market (Nord Pas-de-Calais) Fete de la Dinde is held on 13 – 15 December 2019 between Calais and St Omer.
Licques Christmas Market is famous for its traditional turkey parade alongside a regional Christmas food market including high quality traditionally-reared organic poultry.

A group of the town’s VIPs parade the turkeys through the town and there is the opportunity to purchase various foodstuffs, regional produce, beautifully packaged sweets and chocolates, traditional decorations and local crafts. This involves a gaggle of birds running through the town with a competition for the best turkey (dinde). The Turkeys are prized for their moistness and flavour.

Licques is also home to a special liqueur, the Licquoise, which is offered to visitors before the turkey procession. The birds are herded through the town on the Sunday morning, preceded by the Confrerie de Licques (local bigwigs and celebrities).

Throughout the weekend, there is also a regional food market (Marché du Terroir) and a dinner-dance.

Being just about 20km from Calais, the site of the famous 16th Century meeting of kings on the Field of Cloth of Gold (Camp du Drap d’Or) in en route at Balinghem (Nord Pas-de-Calais) – although there is little to see here, as the whole thing was a lavish tented village with the kings of France and England trying to “out-bling” each other! (more info on the BBC website)

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B&B Au Petit Bled

Just 3 miles from Licques there is the B&B Au Petit Bled – an 18th-century property, located in the Caps et Marais d’Opale Natural Regional Park and just a 20-minute drive from the coast.

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