Bardot at 75

bardot exhibition posterTo celebrate the 75th birthday of Brigitte Bardot (born 28 September 1934) there is an exhibition about her years of innocence (carefreeness) “les années insouciance” at the Musée des Années 30 (Museum of the 1930s) at Boulogne-Billancourt (01 Essonne, Ile de France) in northern Paris.

Running until 31 January 2010 the exhibition retraces the life of the sex icon who was photographed and immortalised by the greats of film and still photography at a time when she came across as young, fresh, innocent and natural – especially after the post-war years of austerity.

The exhibition is divided into three sections and leads you through her life, (1)from her early days at home, through (2) the fun and excesses of the life of St Tropez (83 Var, Provence) and the film star years and (3) since the 70s she has been a passionate advocate for animal right issues.

In many ways she was responsible for the fame of St Tropez, which was previously a pretty but unknown small port on the Mediterranean. Today it is a magnet for rich, wealthy celebrities which becomes impossibly busy in high season – but in Spring and Autumn it is worth a visit, with great views across to Ste Maxime.

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The Thirties is a time of intense creations. Crazy years of economic prosperity and intense boiling of technics, industrials, socials, architechturals and artistics innovations.
Boulogne is the main place for this time:
For movies: Abel Gance, Marcel Carné, Renoir, Pagnol.
For industries: Renault, Voisins’ planes, Farman, Blériot.
For art: Le Corbusier, Mallet Stevens, Tony Garnier.
The Thirties’ Museum is a unique place, that make us travel in this special world. Magnificents collections are so many treasures gathered in such an amazing architectural jewel box.

Crazy years, decoration art and modernism are so many artistic movement to understand and discover 5 minutes away from the Marcel Sembat’s metro station.

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Eurostar trainBy train (Eurostar/TGV) to Paris

Musée des Années 30 (MA30)

28 avenue André Morizet

92100 Boulogne-Billancourt

28 av André Morizet
92100 Boulogne-Billancourt

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