Wine, Cheese and Classic Cars

Logo DEGUSTHA 2010In Mulhouse (68 Haut-Rhin, Grand Est) there is a famous museum of classic cars collected by the Schlumpf Family. Worth a detour from the vineyards of Alsace, from Germany’s Black Forest or even Switzerland!
But visit from 8-10 April 2017 at Saint Louis (30km south of Mulhouse) Degustha Salon Vins et Fromages and you will also have the delights of a wine and gastronomy festival to enjoy – so there should be something for everyone. Free tastings from local winemakers and food producers…These will include wines, spirits, salt meats, fine foods, jams, nuts, specialities from the sea and the mountains, from South West France, Alsace, Champagne or Provence, etc.

The Schlumpf Collection is certainly the most prestigious car collection in the world. This is demonstrated by the two Bugatti Royales, including the famous Coupé Napoléon, the 150 Bugatti, Hispano-Suiza, Ferrari, Rolls-Royce, Maserati, Maybach, Mercedes models, etc. It was in a former Mulhouse woollen mill, with its typically 19th century architecture, that Fritz Schlumpf established his fabulous collection of 437 cars belonging to 97 different brands. With this unique collection, the Cité de l’Automobile sees itself as being to cars what the Louvre is to art.

Mulhouse tends to be one of those areas in France which is less-often visited, and yet has much to offer – and not just the motor museum! The medieval centre is very attractive and nearby there are museums for railways (SNCF) – Cité du Train; and Electricity –Electropolis!!

Mulhouse was a free town in the 12th century, an imperial town in the 15th century, then was a republic allied to the Swiss federation, and became part of France in 1798. It was a pioneer town in the French industrial revolution.
This past is reflected in the streets of the old town and in the Place de la Réunion, the true heart of our city, as well as in the elegant 19th century houses.

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