There is an annual watercress festival (Fete du Cresson) at Veules Les Roses (76 Seine-Maritime, Normandie) a picturesque seaside resort between Dieppe and Fécamp 19 April 2020


Here you will find a wide variety of products based on watercress such as tarts, quiches and jams  to cheeses, honey, gingerbread, creme, milk, eggs, butter, yogurts, cider, poultry etc all available in a farmer’s market of local produce.

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Watercress (Cresson or Cresson de Fontaine) is a dark, leafy green plant grown in natural spring water. For the past few decades, watercress has been used as little more than a garnish; however, it is now increasingly popular as one of the next big super foods.

Relais Hotelier Douce France
Relais Hotelier Douce France

In Veules Les Roses you can stay at an hotel in a former 17th Century post-house with access to the river: Relais Hôtelier Douce France

For more info and to check availabilty at this Post House hotel see Relais Hôtelier Douce France

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