Visions of France – Garlic

Whilst our usual menu of practical information on visiting France is on hold during the Coronavirus Pandemic, we are showcasing some of our favourite photos of la Belle France, pending the day when we can get back on the road or autoroute

It may be a bit of a clich̩, but Garlic (ail) is almost an essential element of Franch life. Grown fairly widely in France, but especially in the southwest Рwhere the Pink Rose of Lautrec (ail rose de Lautrec) near Albi (81 Tarn, Occitanie) is world famous Рthis garlic fragrant, it has an intense flavour and ages well. Further west at Saint Clar (32 Gers, Occitanie) they celebrate the White Garlic of Lomagne (Ail Blanc de Lomagne) is very fragrant, with an intense flavour. Both towns have annual summer festivals to celebrate the bulb.

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