Vannes Historical Festival

The Brittany city of Vannes ( 56 Morbihan, Brittany) celebrates with the Vannes Historical Festival  (Fêtes Historiques de Vannes13-14 July 2019 to coincide with the 14th July celebrations – la Fete Nationale.

posterThe festival celebrates Jean the Conqueror! (Jean IV , 14th Century), who built the Chateau d’Hermine – a castle in the remparts of the city of Vannes.

To celebrate the locals dress up in medieval costume and parade through the city with bands, dancing and fireworks!

Relive the history of Vannes, in a fun and festive environment with the help of hundreds of extras and artists and the traditional fireworks in the gardens of the walls! For this 31th edition, come relive the great moments of the Emperor Napoleon III. Nearly 1000 participants are expected as well as thousands of spectators, with the presence of foreign groups providing the European dimension to the event: parades, street theater, music. In 2017 the theme is La Belle Époque in Vannes, from 1879 until the beginning of the First World War. This was a special period for Vannes, including the construction of the City Hall from 1880 to 1886 … Parades, street entertainment and festivities will be amongst the attractions! with  firework displays on both 13 and 14 July.  Two artillery regiments were installed in Vannes in 1874 followed by an infantry regiment in 1881. The presence of some 3500 soldiers created jobs in metalwork, upholstery, haberdashery and, of course, in domesticity. Overall, the city was rejuvenated growing to 20 000, almost 25% military. The railway opened in 1862, with new lines added  from 1900. It’s the Belle Epoque: the bourgeoisie began to travel, and the city becomes a tourist destination. The first visitors arrive, attracted especially by the resort of Conleau.

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Vannes is situated on the extensive and beautiful  Gulf of Morbihan, a sheltered natural harbour, albeit with potentially striong currents.

B&B Maison de la Garenne
B&B Maison de la Garenne

Where to stay in Vannes – hotels, self-catering, apartment hotels, Bed & Breakfasts such as the B&B Maison de la Garenne, a beautiful old house close to the  centre of Vannes and right across from the Old Town.