A very gallic combination of herbs – the city of Tours ( 37 Indre-et-Loire, Centre-Val-de-Loire) sets aside a day to celebrate with a Foire à l’ail et au basilic (Tours Garlic & Basil Fair) on 26 July 2018 and every year on 26 July Sainte Anne’s Day (jour de la Sainte-Anne)

This tradition is said to date back to the Middle Ages. On Saint Anne day, July 26th, garlic and basil producers and enthusiasts come together for an event in one of the oldest neighbourhoods of Tours. Colours ranging from white, pink and green will highlight your stroll among the bold stalls where the scents and festive colours take on a sensual nature.

more info – www.tours.fr/
Quartier des Halles – Grand Marché – Place Châteauneuf

for hotels, B&BS and other accommodation in Tours including self-catering apartments at Suites Béranger in a 19th Century villa in the heart of Tours.

B&B Cèdre et Charme

A bit further out of town to the south (about 20 miles) there is a great B&B at Saint-BranchsB&B Cèdre et Charme – a fine 19th-century townhouse and large garden with pool.

tgvsmallBy train to Tours from London St Pancras

Suites Béranger self-catering in Tours
Suites Béranger self-catering in Tours

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