Touraine Mesland Wine Festival


Touraine-Mesland is another of those sub-appellations of Touraine in the Loire Valley. An open weekend is held 29-30 April 2006 – free entrance (although you may need to purchase a glass) with the opportunity to taste wines from the local producers. The appellation is on the right (north) bank of the Loire – red and rose wines from Gamay with added Cabernet Franc and Cot (Malbec), white wines from Chenin sometimes with a little Chardonnay.
Touraine is perhaps better known for its Touraine Sauvignon whites which flourish mainly on the left bank and south of the river – good clean crisp whites which are generally of great quality and good value. They are the western end of an arc of great Sauvignon country running eastwards to Sancerre via Quincy, Reuilly and Menetou-Salon.
Our favourite supplier is Domaine Octavie at Oisly (41 Cher, Centre-Val de Loire) who we imported wines from for many years, and who are regular attenders at the Wine Fairs held by the Vignerons Independants in Lille and Paris.

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