The biggest Lavender Party ever – Montelimar!

lavendarMontélimar (26 Drome, Rhone-Alpes) may be best known for its nougat, but every July it binges on Lavender with its Colours of Lavender Festival “Montélimar Couleur Lavande” –  14-15 July 2018.

The fifth edition of this Festival of Lavender and market of local flavours and lavender scents : a whole range of “lavender-based” products! Distilling of both lavender and hybrid lavender will be carried out the traditional way and a procession of floral floats will enliven the Sunday morning. New! A real artist’s studio profiled against a virtual field of lavender. The biggest lavender party ever! (40.000 visitors)

Montélimar tends to be another of those places which you bypass on the autoroute heading north or south (just off the A7 between Orange and Valence) and it does not immediately tempt you to visit. However, there are a number of interesting events such as the Lavender Festival throughout the year – including the Garden Festival (Montélimar Côte Jardin)  3 April 2016 – with a particular focus on the local olives and olive oil from Nyons (26 Drome, Rhône-Alpes) and on a weekend in  Spring  the Pottery Festival (Montélimar Terra Potiers) 3-4 May 2014 – so maybe it would be worth a little detour.

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