Pig walk posterThe French have a penchant for finding any excuse for a celebration, and Hesdin (62, Pas-de-Calais, Nord-Pas-de-Calais) is no exception with its “Fetes du Cochon Rose” held in August.(every 3 years – next in 2019) You may be a bit late for the “Rando-Cochonnaille” or guided Pork Walk (luunch included) and the grand spectacle – a concert in the Place d’Armes. For more info see www.tourisme7vallees.com/
The town, inland from Le Touquet is at the heart of a region known as the Seven Valleys – which include the valleys of the Canche and Lys.

The town itself has Spanish connections and indeed was rebuilt and relocated to its current site by the Spanish Charles V (Charles Quint) in the 16th Century. Its other claim to fame (apart from Pink Pigs) is its proximity to the site of Agincourt (or Azincourt as it is now known) a few kilometres to the north. This was a famous 15th Century battle in the 100 years war, immortalised in Shakespeare’s Henry V. There is a museum/visitor centre there (the actual battlefield is apparently little altered by the passage of time) – with a re-enactment in July 25-26 July 2015 for more info see www.illucolor.fr

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