Paris – Rubens Exhibition and Gauguin Exhibition

A major exhibition of the works of Rubens takes place in Paris 4 October 2017 to 14 January 2018.
The Musée du Luxembourg  invites you to discover the works of Pierre Paul Rubens (1577-1640), a protean genius. He succeeded in reaching the highest social rank for a painter in his time. His immense body of work addresses nearly all the subjects of painting. His portraits of princes are still not well known, even though they were essential to his career. The exhibition The exhibition will be shown at the Musée du Luxembourg, in the Médicis gallery, for which Rubens produced one of his key masterpieces. This palace is part of the Richelieu wing of the Musée du Louvre. The life of the monarchy and Rubens’ career were intricately intertwined. Taking you through the courts of Europe, like a family album, the exhibition shows the effigies of Marie de Médicis and the monarchs of her time. Rubens made a number of portraits of the Habsburgs at the court of Mantua, where they all had a family link with Marie de Médicis, even before she became mother and stepmother to the kings of France, Spain and England.

Musée du Luxembourg

19 rue de Vaugirard
75006 Paris

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Meanwhile the Grand Palais will be hosting an exhibition of Gauguin 11 October 2017 to 22 January 2018

“Gauguin the alchemist”, retraces the various journeys of the artist and his work, as well as his capacity to endlessly push the boundaries of each medium. Bringing his oeuvre together The first exhibition of its kind to make an in-depth study of the remarkable complementarity of the artist’s creations in the domains of painting, sculpture, and graphic and interior design. More than 200 pieces of the artist’s work have been brought together for this occasion (around 55 paintings, 30 ceramics, 30 sculptures and wooden objects, 15 carvings, 60 engravings and 35 drawings). After the founding Gauguin exhibition held in 1989, this new collaboration between the Art Institute of Chicago – which holds a significant number of Gauguin’s paintings and graphic works – and the Musée d’Orsay – which has one of the largest collections of the artist’s paintings, ceramics and carvings in the world – allows Gauguin’s experiments with different media to be presented in a new light. It shows the artist’s oeuvre in all its diversity, taking into account recent research into the techniques and materials he used.

Grand Palais

3, avenue du Général Eisenhower
75008 Paris

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