VillervilleVillerville (14 Calvados, Normandie), is a pleasant coastal village on the Côte Fleurie, which hosts its “Summer Fires(Feux de l’Eté) and village festival on 11 August 2018 with fireworks and there is music, dancing and probably even a little drinking – both alcoholic and non-alcoholic as this is a family event.- see

Villers-sur-Mer is on the Channel coast just east of Deauville

It’s here where Henri Verneuil placed his camera about 50 years ago to shoot “A Monkey in Winter”. An artistic aura that Villerville keeps alive welcoming every year young actors during the “Villerville Festival” organized at the beginning of September. Originally a fishing village, Villerville is bordered by high and narrow houses leading to the seaside and the Parc des Graves with a breathtaking panorama.
The must-sees: The Sea fair, the Ferme du Château and its centenary beeches, the “A Monkey in winter” guided visit of the film shooting sites, including the famous Cabaret Normand that has preserved his charm from 1962.

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