trufflesSte Alvère (24 Dordogne, Aquitaine) claims to be the first village in France to have its own online truffle market. Known as the black truffle of Périgord (Perle Noire du Perigord), it is harvested between November and March, with the market open from 1 December!
A technical description would be: “Epidermis wartish brown with red reflections Soil marbled with white on anthracite base colour. Smells of forest undergrowth and damp earth, roasted dry fruits.Taste: finely peppered, recalling its aromatic composition, long in the mouth. Only admitted in Grade 1; Ste Alvère”
As well as having updated prices (in season) the site has recipes (Boiled Eggs with Truffle Puree; Scallops with truffle and soft pimento); a guide to growing truffles and more info on truffles than most of us would know what to do with,See the site at

Ste Alvère is about 25 miles south of Perigueux

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