Garlic string by wine_scribblerI tend to think of Garlic as a rather inert product when its on the supermarket shelf, with its clean hard bulbs. But of course, it is a vegetable from the onion family which reveals itself when peeled and used in cooking. Although it has long-lasting qualities, freshly picked garlic has an intensity which quite distinctive. France’s cuisine is closely associated with garlic, and indeed there are some important garlic growing areas in France.

The Garlic bulbs are UK Grade 1 and are supplied in strings of 5, 10 and 20 heads, although larger sizes of up to 45 bulbs per string can be ordered.
Harvested at the end of each July, dried in the French sunshine and then smoked ntensively for 10 days, the Garlic string, if hung in a normal Kitchen environment will be remain in a good state until well into the following year. The Garlic Bulbs are large, strong flavoured and will remain edible well into 2009.

FrenchFlavour is now offering New Season Garlic from Picardie in addition to its other specialist offerings such as snails, pates, wine and champage, prepared meals, french cider. olives and tapenade etc.

There are passions about Garlic in France, whether you prefer the white, pink or purple garlic (each has its own proponents) – and of course there are numerous Garlic festivals such as St Clar (32 Gers, Midi-Pyrenees) and Lautrec (81 Tarn, Midi-Pyrenees).

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