New Lascaux Cave replica to open

On 15 December 2016, French President François Hollande opened a new replica of the prehistoric Lascaux Caves at Montignac sur Vézère (24 Dordogne, Nouvelle Aquitaine).


Discovered in 1940, these extraordinary caves are decorated with drawings and engravings dating back 22,000 years to the palaeolithic era.  Closed now for over 50 years, due to the damage that the humidity from visitors were causing, they French state has now created a detailed replica which attempts to recreate the original.

Lascaux Cave is the masterpiece of prehistoric art. Like every great Humanity’s creations, It’s a timeless and universal oeuvre. This 200 meters long cavity is an alternation of more or less circular rooms and corridors-tunnels. The last decades, researches permitted to situate chronologically Lascaux’s iconography between Solutrean and Magdalenian, about 20 000 years ago. Frescoes depict many animals : horses, bulls, cows, deers, mountain goats, felines, a bear … and even a fantastic figure called “The Unicorn.” Engravings and many enigmatic signs are also observed

Montignac-sur-Vezère lies about 25 miles southwest of Brive-la-Gaillarde and is accessible from exit 17 of the A89 autoroute, La Transeuropéenne which connects Bordeaux and Lyon.

It is akways recommended to book in advance, especially in Summer – the booking office is in the centre of the village, or book online at

UNESCO World Heritage Site

Now recognised as part of the UNESCO World Heritage site of The Vézère valley, which contains 147 prehistoric sites dating from the Palaeolithic and 25 decorated caves. It is particularly interesting from an ethnological and anthropological, as well as an aesthetic point of view because of its cave paintings, especially those of the Lascaux Cave, whose discovery in 1940 was of great importance for the history of prehistoric art. The hunting scenes show some 100 animal figures, which are remarkable for their detail, rich colours and lifelike quality. UNESCO

In Montignac stay in the former Middle Age post house Relais Du Soleil D’or, just 2 km from the Lascaux caves.

Hotel Le Relais du Soleil d'Or
Hotel Le Relais du Soleil d’Or

For more info and to check availabilty at this post house hotel see Relais Du Soleil

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