New High Speed Train Paris-Reims-Strasbourg

On 10 June 2007 French Railways opened the latest link in their high speed train network with the TGV Est Europeén which will link Paris with Reims, Strasbourg and points east – i.e. Germany (Munich) and Austria (Vienna) – all by high speed train.
Importantly it brings the travel time between Paris and Reims to just 45 minutes (previously 95 minutes) – so although an east-west route does not appear to be immediately useful for visitors from the UK, these timings make a day trip from Paris to Reims (for its Cathedral and the Champagne houses) more than possible.Or vice versa – a day’s excursion from Reims to Paris could enhance a long weekend in the capital of Champagne.tgv_est_logo
Similarly Strasbourg comes down from 4 hours to 2 hours 20 minutes from Paris, (and eventually to 1h 50m) providing faster access to the vineyards of Alsace.
Another example of an impressive approach to major infrastructure developments in France – made easier by the fact that France has so much more “elbow room” with twice the land area of the UK – and rather different planning laws.

By Train TGV TGV with Rail Europe

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