Nantes and the vineyards of Muscadet

Between Nantes and Clisson stretch Nantes’ vineyards. This is muscadet territory, which starts just 15 minutes south of Nantes. Though you’re in the southern Loire, you already feel like you’ve set foot in Italy! Landscapes open onto stretches of Melon-de-Bourgogne and Folle Blanche vines, cultivated by passionate wine-growers. Le Voyage à Nantes continues to explore this region and reveals its hidden gems. Take a trip out to natural sites, striking examples of the area’s heritage, quaint villages and atypical wine-tasting cellars of this unique vineyard! – see more

Muscadet vineyard
Muscadet Vineyards

Stay on a nearby Muscadet vineyard at Château de l’Oiselinière


Nantes, capital of the Loire-Atlantique departement has evolved from a major ship-builidng city into a major centre for the Arts. building on its heritage as the birthplace of the author Jules Verne, author of the Voyages Extraordinaire, including “Around the World in Eighty Days”!

Follow the green line of the Voyages a Nantes to see a collection of art works, new art installations in the City, and exhibitions in art spaces ofr heritage sites. This includes the now iconic mechanical Elephant.

The Elephant at Nantes

Then there is an exciting new Art Gallery/Museum – Musée d’Arts de Nantes and along the banks of the Loire towards Saint Nazaire is a permanent trail of stunning sculptures that line the banks of the river as it winds its way to the Atlantic – see L’Estuaire. In addition there is a Chateau, a Cathedral, Museums and plenty to do.

Stay at  a Chateau B&B near Clisson – Chateau de la Preuille (35 km) – in the heart of the Muscadet vineyards

alternative recommended Nantes Hotel: Hotel La Pérouse, a modern boutique hotel with 1930s designer features.

Hotel La Perouse
Hotel La Pérouse
Chateau de Preuille
Chateau de la Preuille

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