Montpellier at Christmas

montpellier hivernales posterMontpellier (34 Herault, Occitanie) celebrates Christmas with a winter festival (Hivernales) including a Christmas Market from 28 November – 28 December 2019.

With a large market of 160 stands, a hutted villages, skating rink, barrel organ (orgue de barbarie), huge teddy bear, balloon sculptures, music and mulled wines…..

For more info see Montpellier Tourist Office

Logo_P+TramMontpellier is a vibrant city which is well worth a visit at any time of the year  – helped by a Park  + Tram scheme with parking at several exits from the A9 and A75 autoroutes – and a city-wide bicycle hire scheme called Velomagg – see

Odalys Appart Hotel Les Occitanes

Self-catering apartment hotel Odalys Appart Hotel Les Occitanes is a modern building in the historic centre and in front of the train station.

By Train TGVTGV to Montpellier with Rail Europe


Montpellier is sure to inspire you: from its medieval streets ideal for shopping to new neighbourhoods combining natural spaces and buildings designed by the greatest international architects, via its new modern tram lines designed by Christian Lacroix…

A southern city full of traditional and contemporary treasures, Montpellier is a Mediterranean crossroads, a charming and exceptional destination. A medieval city where the town centre, Place de la Comédie, Faculté de Médecine and Place Royale du Peyrou attract visitors from around the world, Montpellier is also a modern metropolis, open to contemporary architecture, science, culture and recreation.

But it also has many other assets. A protected area, made up of various landscapes between the sea 11km away, vineyards and mountains. A typical laid back Mediterranean atmosphere. Delicious food and wine bursting with sunshine. Exceptional cultural and sporting events… Montpellier boasts numerous tiny medieval streets, which bear testament to its proud past. Rue de la Valfère, Rue du Bras de Fer, Rue de L’Argenterie are sure to take you back in time and introduce you to a whole new world… Our recommendation? Forget all about your map, and just follow your instincts as you wend your way along these narrow streets. Why not go shopping in the boutiques with their vaulted ceilings and visit designers, antique dealers and tearooms, or see some art at Carré Ste Anne, Galerie St Ravy etc… enjoy a journey back through time!


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