Mont St Michel, Lights, Jazz and bed

Over the past thirteen centuries, the Mont Saint Michel (50 Manche, Normandie) has become a world renowned monument, celebrated both for its spiritual and religious significance as well as its historical and architectural interest. And yet it is still a venue for various activities today:

  • Jazz on the Bay
  • Abbey Illuminations
  • Stay on the Mount

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In 2009, the abbey and its surroundings  celebrated  the 13th centenary of the Abbey’s foundation,including exhibitions, concerts, pilgrimages and special seminaries. These anniversary celebrations provided a forum in which to shed light on the history of this incredible UNESCO World heritage site, as well as its future.
According to legend, in 708 the bishop Aubert of Avranches was said to have seen three apparitions of the Archangel Michael in his dreams. The Archangel told Aubert to build an abbey on top of the mount Tombe, going so far as to touch his finger to the bishop’s head, leaving a permanent hole in his skull. The bishop began work on the church and the abbey was consecrated in 709.
A new project is in the works to re-shape the land and tides surrounding the monument to ensure that the Mont Saint Michel will once again permanently be an island.

In 2021 the medieval monastery sitting on top of the tidal island of Mont-Saint-Michel, is getting a makeover with a three-year restoration project

Located in a bay in north-western France joiningNormandy and Brittany, Mont-Saint-Michel was one of Europe’s major pilgrimage destinations. It has been protected as a French monument historique since 1862, and is now a museum and tourist hotspot that attracts millions of visitors every year.

Jazz on the Bay

Jazz en Baie is a jazz festival along 14 miles of the Mont-Saint-Michel Bay 24 July -4 August 2019  – see for more on Mont St Michel Jazz

Abbey Illuminations

Also in summer the Mont is illuminated at night inside the Abbey  7 July – 1 September 2018:

Chronicles of the Holy Mount – back to its beginnings – Created by Bruno Seillier, Amaclio Productions

The Mont Saint-Michel’s silhouette is so familiar it’s easy to take the place for granted. However, this holy mount topped by its famed abbey hasn’t revealed all its secrets yet! To discover more, open your senses to the fascinating Chroniques du Mont.
Come nightfall, they will be revealed to you in the heart of the abbey; as the centuries evaporate before your eyes, Nature, Man and the Eternal will create a wonderful symphony of visions, dazzling effects and sound mirages around you…

For more info on the Mont St Michel see

les terrasses_poulardStay on the Mont St Michel

The Hotel Les Terrasses Poulard is on the Grand Rue on the island with great views over the Mont and the sea . There is also an adjacent Restaurant.

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