Monpazier, Dordogne – a bastide village

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Monpazier was nominated as one of France’s favourite villages by viewers to France3 TV Channel in 2019.


Bwteen the valleys of the Dordogne and Lot, the village of Monpazier is situated in the Dordogne département of Nouvelle Aquitaine region.It is also classed as one of the most beautiful villages in France. “An iconic fortified town (bastide).  Les Plus Beaux Villages de France. The village retains its original street plan and remains an excellent example of a medieval bastide.This village is an masterpiece of architecture and urban planning dating from 1248, built by Edward I, king of England. The main sqaure is lined with 14th- and 18th- Century arcades with a central market marché. The geometric layout of the bastide, meant that when under attack all the inhabitatnts could shelter in the main square, and the closeness of the buildings and narrowness of the streets and alleyways made any attack from outside very difficult. The village has an architecture and heritage centre (Le Bastideum | Musée de Monpazier) where you can find out more including the history of the Hundred Years War when villages such as this were in the front line of skirmishes between the English and the French.

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