Mediterranean Plant Celebration

Domaine de Rayol holds its Mediterranean Plants Festival Gondwana 2016, (la Fête des Plantes Méditerranéennes 5 – 6 October 2019 to celebrate the pleasures of Mediterranean gardens – even in the grip of autumn!

domaine_de-RayoljardinremarquableConceived by Gilles Clément, the Mediterranean Garden (50 acre) is an invitation to travel through Mediterranean landscapes across the world (South Africa, Australia, California, Chile, the Mediterranean Basin and the Canary Islands), as well as others with a drier or sub-tropical climate (Mexico, Asia, New Zealand and sub-tropical America.)
A garden without labels, but not without explanations. Since the landscapes are not plant collections, the plants have deliberately not been identified. It is possible to find out their names by consulting the Botanical Gallery at the Farm, or by asking the gardeners and program facilitators.
Situated at Rayol-Canadel-sur-Mer, (83 Var, Provence) west of Cavalaire on the Mediterranean coast

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For 2018 the theme was “Expedition to Chile”

A journey through the Mediterranean landscapes of the world ?Visit the garden of the Mediterranean climates ! Open every day of  the year.Guided tours, exhibitions, workshops and training courses on gardening, herbs…specialized Bookshop…

Designed by Gilles CLEMENT, the mediterranean garden is an invitation to travel through world Mediterranean landscapes (South Africa, Australia, California, Chile…) and  through arid climate or subtropical landscapes (Mexico, Canary Islands, Asia, New Zeland, subtropical America…).

This small piece of land of 20 hectares is a sample of our planet that focuses and highlights interactions of man and nature with strength and beauty…




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