Markets in 62 Pas-de-Calais, Hauts de France
Some markets only take place in Summer – check beforehand with the local tourist office or town hall.

Aire-sur-la-Lys Friday
Aix-Noulette Friday
Allouagne Wednesday
Ambleteuse Wednesday
Annay-sous-Lens Wednesday
Annezin Saturday
Ardres Thursday
Arques Tuesday
Arras Wednesday, Thursday , Saturday, Sunday
Auchel Tuesday
Auchy-les-Mines Saturday
Audresselles Monday
Audruicq Wednesday
Auxi-le-Château Saturday
Avesnes-le-Comte Friday
Avion Thursday , Friday
Bailleul-s-Berthoult Friday
Bapaume Friday
Barlin Wednesday
Beaurainville Wednesday
Berck Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday
Béthune Monday , Thursday , Friday
Beuvry Friday
Biache-St-Vaast Thursday
Billy-Montigny Wednesday, Sunday
Blendecques Thursday
Boulogne-sur-Mer Wednesday, Saturday, Sunday
Brebières Thursday
Bresmes-les-Ardres Sunday
Bruay-Làbuissière Friday , Sunday
Bully-les-Mines Thursday , Saturday
Calais Tuesday,Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday,Sunday
Calonne-Ricouart Thursday
Camiers Monday , Thursday
Carvin Saturday
Chocques Thursday
Condette Sunday
Corbehem Friday
Coulogne Monday
Courcelles-lès-Lens Sunday
Courrières Wednesday
Cucq Wednesday, Sunday
Cuinchy Saturday
Desvres Tuesday
Divion Wednesday
Dourges Saturday
Douvrin Monday
Drocourt Thursday
Écourt-St-Quentin Wednesday
Estevelles Tuesday
Étaples Tuesday, Friday
Fauquembergues Thursday
Fouquières-lès-Lens Friday
Frévent Tuesday
Friuges Saturday
Grenay Tuesday
Guînes Friday
Haillicourt Thursday
Harnes Thursday
Hénin-Beaumont Tuesday, Friday
Hersin-Coupigny Saturday
Hesdin Thursday
Houdain Thursday , Saturday
Hucqueliers Wednesday
Isbergues Thursday
Le-Portel Tuesday, Friday
Le-Touquet Monday , Thursday , Saturday
Lens Tuesday, Friday , Saturday
Libercourt Thursday
Licques Monday
Liévin Wednesday, Sunday
Lillers Saturday
Loison-sous-Lens Saturday
Longuenesse Wednesday
Loos-en-Gohelle Thursday
Lumbres Friday
Marck Tuesday
Marles-les-Mines Saturday
Marquise Thursday
Mazingarbe Wednesday, Friday , Saturday
Méricourt Saturday
Montigny-en-Gohelle Monday
Montreuil-sur-Mer Saturday
Noeux-les-Mines Tuesday, Friday
Noyelles-Godault Thursday
Noyelles-sous-Lens Wednesday
Oignies Tuesday
Oisy-le-Verger Wednesday
Outreau Monday , Thursday
Oye-Plage Wednesday
Pas-en-Artois Tuesday
Pernes Thursday
Pont-à-Vendin Thursday
Rinxent Sunday
Rouvroy Monday
Sains-en-Gohelle Wednesday
St-Martin-Boulogne Thursday
St-Omer Wednesday, Saturday
St-Pol-sur-Ternoise Monday
Sallaumines Monday , Saturday
Samer Monday
Sangatte Friday
Souchez Tuesday
Thérouanne Tuesday
Vendin-le-Vieil Monday , Friday
Vermelles Monday
Vimy Saturday
Vitry-en-Artois Tuesday
Wimereux Tuesday, Friday
Wingles Wednesday
Wissant Wednesday
Wizernes Sunday

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