Le Corbusier architecture

The Site Le Corbusier (Le Corbusier architecture) is an international site of Modern Architecture at Firminy (43 Loire, ARA) and is being considered for inclusion on the UNESCO World Heritage Sites list.

Le Corbusier Cultural Cente
Le Corbusier Cultural Cente

The Firminy Vert site is just 20 minutes from Saint-Etienne and embodies one of the architect Le Corbusier’s major themes. The “Centre de récréation du corps et de l’esprit” group is one of Le Corbusier’s biggest projects in France and abroad and includes the Maison de la Culture, Stadium, Saint-Pierre Church and a Residence.

Explore this unique area and you’ll find the lofty concrete Saint-Pierre Church with its sublime acoustics and lighting. Visit the museum in the lower ground floor of the church for a better understanding of Le Corbusier’s work which dared to turn traditional notions on their heads to introduce a new style of residence imbued with art and poetry.

The Maison de la Culture and Residence (with approximately 1500 residents) are both fascinating stages of the journey where you will explore Le Corbusier’s personal style and architectural concepts. Based on his Modulor standard, each square metre may be streamlined but the focus is always on staying in touch with nature.

Le Corbusier, world famous architect and founder of Modern Architecture, chose the town of Firminy to conceive his biggest architectural ensemble in Europe.

This unique site is composed of: The Maison de la Culture (cultural centre), the Stadium, the church Saint-Pierre, the Swimming Pool, and the Unité d’Habitation (housing unit with a show-appartment, a nursery school, and a top-roof with its splendid open-air theatre and a breathtaking view on the surroundings).

Several types of visits – self-guided or guided – will give you the secrets of these Historic Monuments. You will discover the play of light, of colours, of volumes, but also the grand principles of urban planning as written in the well-known Athen Charter.

Firminy is situated about 14km southwest of Saint Etienne.

For more on the Le Corbusier architecture site at Firminy see http://sitelecorbusier.com/