Lautrec Bread and Pink Garlic Festivals

The village of Lautrec (81 Tarn, Occitanie) is proud of its local pink garlic (l’ail rose) and celebrates this every year in August with a Festival, market, competitions and music – 2 – 3 August 2019

According to Chocolate & Zucchini. one of the best food websites:-

Garlic by Andrew Barrow on spitttoon.bizApart from its undeniable attractiveness, l’Ail Rose de Lautrec is also distinguished for its aromatic and subtle taste, sweeter and milder than its white cousin. It also keeps for much longer, six months to a year. It can be used anywhere you would normally use garlic — raw or cooked, sliced, chopped, crushed or unpeeled (“en chemise”, which means “shirt on”) — but also in a variety of recipes created especially for it : a pink garlic soup, a walnut and pink garlic tart, a lime and garlic sorbet, and even a pink garlic chocolate cake!

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Lautrec also holds an annual Bread and Windmills Festival (Fete des Pains et Saveurs) 15 August 2018, celebrating the making of bread from milling the wheat in a traditional windmill through to the finished product!


Lautrec is a village in the quiet countryside of the Tarn department (Midi-Pyrenees region) to the south of Albi and east of Toulouse. Within the ‘Pays de Cocagne’ it is officially recognised as one of the ‘most beautiful villages in France‘.

The village of Lautrec is medieval in origin with several medieval buildings and monuments.

On the hill above Lautrec there is a 17th century windmill (built on the site of a 14th century windmill). The windmill is open to the public (small entrance charge, closed winter). The village is classified as one of the most beautiful villages of France “Un des plus beaux villages de France

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