In the region which hosts Sauternes and Graves, Langon (33 Gironde, Nouvelle Aquitaine) celebrates its “FETE DU VIN ET DU FROMAGE” from 28-31 August 2015. Lying Southeast of Bordeaux, just off the A62 Autoroute to Toulouse, Langon is in the southernmost part of the Gironde département.Langon fete du vin et du fromage poster But if you follow the Garonne river down from Bordeaux rather than the autoroute you journey will take you through villages with evocative names such as Barsac, Sauternes and Loupiac – some of the finest dessert wines in the whole of France. These are made possible by both the Semillon grape and position of the vineyards influenced by the Atlantic Ocean, which is ideal for the moisture which prompts the development of “botrytis” or noble rot, which in turn produces late harvest grapes where the juices have been concentrated into sweet nectar.
There are also dry white and red wines from the “Graves” – including the modest little “Chateau Haut-Brion”. Here the reds (made from Merlot and Cabernets) tend to be supple and full-bodied with distinctive bouquets, and with real ageing potential amongst the best.

My recollection of Langon is of a pleasant, if unexciting little town, which will be enlivened over this weekend with the celebration of wine, cheese and gastronomy – with a “guest” region – so some excellent cheeses will be available to accompany the wine tasting and all the “normal” attractions – competitions, music, processions, ceremonies and market.

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