Jura wines defy expectations

An interesting article on Jura wines in the New York Times – wines which are seldom seen in the UK, and whilst quite idiosyncratic, deserve some investigation (and tasting)!

“The Jura defies many expectations, nowhere more so than in its wines. The leading whites have a nutty, sherry-like aroma that many people regard as hopelessly oxidized, but they are actually tangy, complex, pure and delicious. The best reds barely have enough color to be called red. They are delicate and graceful, yet with an earthy intensity that can stand up to the smelliest of cheeses. Almost singularly among wine regions, the reds are usually served before the whites in the Jura because they are lighter in texture.” (see full article)

UK stockists include a new discovery for us – Vine Trail in Bristol; also Devigne Wines in Wales

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