International Guitar Festival in France

Ballainvilliers Guitar Festival
Fans of Guitar music should head just 10 miles south of Paris to the town of Ballainvillers (91 Essonne, Ile de France) which holds an annual International Guitar Festival with a series of evening concerts, free daytime concerts, masterclasses and entertainments for children.

The town of Ballainvilliers,France will be holding their second International Guitar Festival,known as “The Automnales“. Visitors will again be able to travel around the continents of the world through international music themes, played by guest artists attending from many different countries – As in the very first event in autumn 2006, the Ballainvilliers Festival will welcome world famous performers, including Boulou and Elios FERRE, Antonio FORCIONE, Claus BOESSER-FERRARI, Soïg SIBERIL,
Ahmed El-SALAMOUNY and Konarak REDDY.

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