For such a long-established and very traditional and renowned wine producer, Hugel et Fils in Alsace have adopted modern technology with some va va voom! by offering online interactive maps of their famous vineyards around Riquewihr (68 Haut Rhin, Alsace).
There are a series of maps some of which can be overlaid, including aerial views, a geological map and the location of specific vines and “lieu dits”. Much of this can be zoomed in and out, and dragged in any direction. It gives a good sense of the extent of the vineyards and their impact on the landscape.

Alsace is quite a complicated region, and the terroir associated with some really quite small plots can make a significant difference to the character and quality of the wine.“This interactive map enables you to locate our estates in Alsace, to understand the geological complexity of the terroirs of Riquewihr, to visualise individual vineyards and grape varieties, and to measure the interface between vines and soils : Riesling in the Schoenenbourg, Gewurztraminer in the Sporen, finally Pinot Gris and Pinot Noir in the Pflostig.”

Oddbins stocks Hugel’s Riesling “Dry and crisp with underlying lime and kerosene fruit and mineral hints. Medium-bodied with a very long clean finish.”

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