Castle Hotel in Sedan
Castle Hotel in Sedan

The largest military castle in Europe is at Sedan (08 Ardennes, Champagne-Ardennes) on the strategically important eastern frontier of France – and it now includes a 53-room 3 star hotel and restaurant Hotel Le Chateau Fort. It is an imposing medieval structure built on a rocky promontory and boasted a complement of 4,000 soldiers in its heyday!. It consists of seven floors, four of which are underground!! The accommodation looks rather more luxurious than that endured by those 4000 soldiers!

The chateau itself is classified as an Historical Monument and is open to the public – see the Sedan Tourist Office for opening times.

As for Sedan (le Pays Sedanais) and its area:-

Located in the north-east of the Ardennes department, on the edge of the Ardennes forest, bathed by the waters of the Meuse, the Pays Sedanais stretches over 29 villages.

A land of wood, water and rolling green hills, the beauty of his landscapes and interesting heritage pleasantly surprise you.

(PS I had thought that Carcassonne (11 Aude,Languedoc) qualified as the largest Castle in Europe, but technically it is a fortified city rather than a castle!)

It is thought that the term “Sedan Chair” may have come from this area which produced high quality cloth with which the enclosed carrying chair, popular in 17th Century London, was lined.

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