Goats Cheese Festival

DCF 1.0We all know that Cheese and Wine go well with each other, and so it is with the dry white Sauvignon wines of Sancerre (18 Cher. Centre)and the local goats cheese – Crottin de Chavagnol. Hence 1 – 2 June 2019 would be a good date to head for Sancerre for the FêteChavignol Toujours” – the weekend nearest to Ascension Day

A hilltop wine village overlooking the Loire river and the vineyards, this medieval village is well worth visiting for its many bistros. cafés and wine cellars – or maybe a visit to the Maison des Sancerre in the Rue du Méridien for a tasting or information on visiting local vineyards.

For more info see www.tourisme-sancerre.com

For hotels in this wine village see http://frenchvineyard.co.uk/vine/sancerre-loire

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