The village of Saint Clar (32 Gers, Occitanie) holds an annual Saint Clar Garlic Festival 1 August 2019. Estivail (Summer garlic festival) with traditional market, tasting, music, workshop, games, and tasting evening

You might be surprised at the displays of garlic (windmills, towers) and the sheer range of garlic varieties that are available – both for sale and for entry into numerous competitions.

When we visited a few years ago the displays were both awesome in scale and artistic in concept. The whole village seems to take a seat in the main square where copious volumes of mussels and steak are dramatically and skilfully cooked over open braziers ready to be served with bread and the local wine (Cotes de Gascogne and Saint Mont). And then there is a traditional country market with local produce including wild chicken etc.

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This is the Lomagne region – Cœur de Lomagne: a land of tradition. And the traditional crop here is garlic. The very identity of the area has its roots entwined with those of the garlic bulbs. All summer long the market stalls groan under the weight of the plaits of garlic. Some annual festivals are even dedicated to celebrating the plant and all its qualities.


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