Garden Days throughout France

France’s Ministry of Culture organises a weekend in early June each year  to celebrate France’s gardens: Rendezvous Jardins 2017 posterRendezvous aux Jardins

7 – 9 June 2019

The theme in 2017 was “sharing the garden! (La Partage du Jardin). 

In 2019 the theme is “Animals in the Garden (Les animaux au jardin)

….. with open days in all the French regions – parks and gardens, large and small, public and private. More than2000 gardens throughout France open their doors  at the very height of the flowering season – including highly-prized “English” gardens, rose gardens, medicinal gardens.

For example in the Touraine region (also known as the garden of France) (“le jardin de la France”) you will find the Arboretum at Veigné or the Jardin Botanique at Tours and at Chateau de Rivau at Lémeré, about 35miles southwest of Tours.there are 14 gardens including a vegetable garden –  but there will be open gardens in every part of France.

In 2015 1,8 million people took advantage of 4.000 animations organized in 2,300 open gardens. Guided tours and strolls gained the support of a wide public. 700 visitors participated for example in the night-visit in the gardens of Marqueyssac ( Aquitaine). Thematic walks of all kinds were offered in the domain of Garenne-Lemot (Pays-de-la-Loire), for great pleasure of 2,300 persons present. The visits flashes of the domain of Trévarez, in Brittany, was also a big hit, with 1,813 participants.

Many other gardens will have special openings, such as the Chateau de Villandry to the west of Tours (37 Indre-et-Loire, Centre)

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