Eurocamp Motorhome fly/driveEurocamp has introduced a different option for your holiday in France Fly-Hire – a flight and motorhome hire in one package! We are used to seeing this for trips to the USA and Australia, but there is no reason why it should not work as well in France

The popularity of motorhomes has risen dramatically in recent years, as has the standard of the motorhomes themselves. All the models we offer are either brand new or at the most one year old. Add to this our selection of some of the best campsites in Europe, featuring all you need from pools and play areas to bars and restaurants and you have all the
ingredients for a truly memorable holiday.

France is well-organised for Motorhomes with modern and well-equipped campsites, even in the rural regions away from the popular tourist areas. And of course, Eurocamp has its own systems for selecting and monitoring sites. You need only watch the TV coverage of the Tour de France to see how many motorhomes (camping cars) embark on French roads in the summer. Fortunately it is a big place which absorbs so many tourists, except for the most popular coastal resorts.

Anthony Peregrine in the Times tried the deal out with a trip from Lyon.
For more info see the Eurocamp website and select Eurocamp Independent/

Caravan and Campsite Holidays in France with Siblu Holidays

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