Flamenco in Nimes

Despite being several hundred kilometres from the Spanish border, Nîmes (30 Gard, Occitanie) has nimes flamencostrong Spanish/Catalan links, most visibly with the annual Feria bull-fighting festival. From 9 – 19 January 2020  the city celebrates the quintessential Spanish dance with a Flamenco Festival.

In addition to an impressive series of concerts, there are also accompanying exhibitions (e.g. the History of the Guitar) and other events all contributing to an exciting and vibrant atmosphere across the city.

This festival organised by the Théâtre de Nîmes showcases leading names from Spain as well as providing a platform for numerous new talents in the world of flamenco song, music and dance, perpetuating the tradition of this Andalusian art form in Southern France. While the majority of flamenco events in France tend to focus exclusively on budding Iberian talent, the Festival Flamenco de Nîmes retains strong links with the local flamenco scene, with its increasing numbers of talented artists.

For more info see www.ot-nimes.fr/

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