Fête de la vigne et du vin at Rasteau

The Côtes du Rhône wine village of Rasteau (84 Vaucluse, Provence PACA) celebrates its famous wines on 1 June 2019 with the Fete de la Vigne et du Vin (Vine and wine Festival)

Gourmet tastings and casual encounters with winegrowers.
Horse-drawn carriage strolls, wine tastings and other gourmet workshops. Free admission.

Rasteau radiates from the square in the centre bordered with age-old plane trees. The square was a bequest of Mlle Lapparent in the 18th century and is named after her. It is the heart of the village, where festivities and gatherings take place.

To admire the sights, go into the old village where you will see the 17th century chapel of Notre Dame des Vignerons which has been fully restored by the parishioners.

A bit further on is the Place de l’Horloge where the traditional game of real tennis was once played. As you walk up the cobbled streets, you will pass buildings in warm colours, cypresses and oleanders.

At the top is the church of Notre Dame des Vignerons built in the 12th century in the place of the mediaeval castle (Castreum). This is where Rasteau offers its best views of the landscape: the Alps, the Dentelles-de-Montmirail chain, the Mont Ventoux and the Rhone Valley.

For more info on the wine fair see www.vins-rhone.com

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