The weekend of 26-27 November 2016* sees the town of St Sever (40 Landes, Nouvelle Aquitaine) celebrate Poultry (volailles) especially the chicken.


Each year, on the last weekend of November, the traditional Festivolailles Poultry Fête brings the streets of the town to life.

The special poultry products for the festive season are, of course, the centre of attention. Capon, Turkey, Fattened Hen, Guinea Fowl, Quail… living or already plucked, are on display all over the town. It is only fitting that the age-old tradition of breeding and preparing special poultry for the Christmas period should be celebrated in a festive atmosphere in the town of St Sever, the capital of traditional poultry for special occasions. As well as this, it is also a great celebration of the gastronomy of the Landes in general, with poultry markets, the always-lively Cordon Bleu Contest, the special menus concocted by local restaurant owners, games, street shows, the market of local Landes products, the ceremonies of the “Confrérie des Jabotiers” and poultry contests between the breeders. The President of Honour of the event is the award-winning chef Michel Guérard.

If you want to prepare for Christmas or just have some fun, come and join us for a weekend in gourmet country.

St Sever is just south of Mont de Marsan in The Landes. For more info see

*The 2017 event is cancelled

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