The town of Prats de Mollo (66 Pyrenees Orientales, Occitanie), 40 miles southwest of Perpignan, celebrates the Day of the Bear (Fête de l’Ours) and the local Carnaval 20 February 2022

Bear Festival poster

OK – they are not real bears (although Bears have been reintroduced in some parts of the Pyrenees) but young men blacked up and wearing sheepskins as”the “bears” which are then chased through the town by “hunters” – culminating in music and dancing in the town centre

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Situated high in the Pyrenees close to the border with Spain, the town of Prats-de-Mollo dates back a thousand years. It has walled defensive ramparts, a fortified church and picturesque streets. The stream (La Guillème )runs through the medieval town, which was remodelled by the famed military engineer Vauban. Highlights include fortified gates, the Church of Saintes-Juste-et-Ruffine and a covered walkway leading to the 17th-century Fort Lagarde above Prats-de-Mollo. The town is 60 km/38 miles southwest of Perpignan.

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