Saturday 18 May 2019 is the date for the Nuit Européenne des Musées (European Museums Night)

Although a Europe-wide event, France plays a major role with more than 1300 Museums/ Galleries open to the public for the night (hours vary between 19h00 and midnight) including in previous years:

Musée des Beaux-arts in Beaune (21 Cote d’Or, BFC)

Musée du vin de Bourgogne (Burgundy Wine Museum)in Beaune (21 Cote d’Or, BFC)

Musée de Sens, Sens (89 Yonne, BFC) – where you can see that hat worn by Napoleon at the Battle of Waterloo!

Vauban’s Citadelle in Besancon (25Doubs, BFC)

Maritime Museum in la Rochelle (17 Charente- Maritime, Nouvelle Aquitaine)

The Sapeurs Pompiers (Fire/Emergency) Museum in Lyon (69 Rhône. ARA)

Fine Arts Museum (Musee des Beaux Arts) in Limoges (Haute-Vienne, Nouvelle Aquitaine)

Modern Arts Museum in Strasbourg (67 Haut-Rhin, Grand Est)

Forges and mills (moulins) de Pinsôt near Chambery (38 Isère, ARA)

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