In Burgundy they celebrate wine, in Perigord they revere the truffle and in Etaples they worship the Herring!

herrings9 – 10 November 2019 is the weekend when Etaples (62 Pas de Calais, Hauts de France) holds its annual “Fete du Hareng Roi” – the royal herring fest! Traditionally celebrating the return of the fishing fleet from northern waters when much of the town would help unload and prepare the catch – and once all the hard, smelly and cold work was done they would have a feast and celebrate with music and dancing!, The festival demonstrates the old fishing methods and tough lifestyle of the fishermen, and shows how the herring were cooked and preserved, with music, feasting and dancing.
. A good fish restaurant in Etaples (and in Boulogne, Lille and elsewhere) is “Aux Pecheurs d’Etaples” which has a huge fish menu (including herring) and is on the quayside.

see also the Boulogne-sur-Mer Herring Festival also in November.

For more info see www.tourisme-etaples

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