Drum Festival in Charleville-Mézières

Close to the Belgian border on the way to Luxembourg the town of Charleville-Mézières (08 Ardennes, Grand Est) holds a Drum Festival (Tambours de Fête )where the town beats to the rhythm of worldwide percussions. 19 – 24 May 2019

During three days drums echoes in the town, they are everywhere!!!
This festival is a time for festive and original events e,g, in previous years it has been as follows:

  • Tambours de Feteapéri-drum is the friendly time of the festival. From 11am to 2pm on Saturday and Sunday, a giant aperitif takes place on the place Ducale, in the centre of Charleville, traditional meals are also proposed by local associations.
  • Tempo City is the heart of the festival. A round stage located in the centre of the place Ducale, different carts and street performers.
  • After Beat is the night birds; a meeting point on Friday and Saturday nights from 11pm to 3am. Located under a big top in the yard of the St Remy church. 3 concerts are scheduled each evening.
  • Saturday from 10:30pm – Night parade
    The Compagnie de la Dernière Minute and le Bagad Arduinn will play and walk in procession from the theatre to the After Beat big top. A colourful parade, fireworks, torches and drums.

For more info see www.tamboursdefete.com

guerre et paix museum logoThe Ardennes featured in both world wars and thr Musum of War and Peace (Musèe Guerre et Paix en Ardennes) at Novion-Porcien about 35 km/ 22 miles south-west of Charleville-Mézières – The Guerre et Paix en Ardennes Museum’s mission is to present the history of the Ardennes region during the three wars of 1870, 1914-1918 and 1939-1945. It is unique in this aim because it covers all three major conflicts, whereas most museums covering the history of contemporary wars generally focus on one conflict only.

see www.guerreetpaix.fr

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