Close to the Belgian border on the way to Luxembourg the town of Charleville-Mézières (08 Ardennes, Champagne-Ardenne) holds a Drum Festival (Tambours de Fête )where the town beats to the rhythm of worldwide percussions. 19-24 May 2014

During three days drums echoes in the town, they are everywhere!!!
This festival is a time for festive and original events e,g, in previous years it has been as follows:

  • Tambours de Feteapéri-drum is the friendly time of the festival. From 11am to 2pm on Saturday and Sunday, a giant aperitif takes place on the place Ducale, in the centre of Charleville, traditional meals are also proposed by local associations.
  • Tempo City is the heart of the festival. A round stage located in the centre of the place Ducale, different carts and street performers.
  • After Beat is the night birds; a meeting point on Friday and Saturday nights from 11pm to 3am. Located under a big top in the yard of the St Remy church. 3 concerts are scheduled each evening.
  • Saturday from 10:30pm – Night parade
    The Compagnie de la Dernière Minute and le Bagad Arduinn will play and walk in procession from the theatre to the After Beat big top. A colourful parade, fireworks, torches and drums.


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