citroen ds fuel prices in France remain better than UK, when taking the exchange rate into account.

Latest Fuel Prices in France

It is noticeable that the differential between Diesel and Unleaded has widened in France, where diesel has always been cheaper than petrol – whereas in the UK diesel is usually more expensive.

As always best prices tend to be available from major hypermarkets and many small local supermarket chains – autoroutes and many “branded” fuel stations are usually more expensive.

Another issue for driving in France is autoroute tolls which can add a significant cost to your trip – e.g. a one-way trip by car from Calais to Avignon via autoroute can cost over £60 in tolls – however this is far faster than N roads and can save additional overnight hotel charges etc.

There are however some toll-free autoroutes which can save you some if not all of these costs – and for example if you were heading for Eastern France, Alsace, Jura and the Alpes the you should consider using the toll-free autoroutes in Belgium, Luxembourg and Germany which can offer both fast and free travel.

Plus a detour via Luxembourg can offer more savings – e.g. in September 2010 the cost per litre for diesel was €0.99 (£0.88) and for unleaded was €1.14 (£1.02).

France Fuel Prices for Petrol/Diesel

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