Condom Bandas Festival

bandas festival 2008 in condom, gersThe extraordinarily rich musical traditions of this otherwise quiet and peaceful part of rural France kick off the season with the Festival of Bandas & Penas in the town of Condom (32 Gers, Occitanie) on 10 – 12 May 2019
The Condom Bandas Festival website suggests this is a noisy and popular weekend with bands competing from all over France until late in the eveing – or early in the morning – crowding into the main square to hear, sing, dance and drink – it does sound tremendous fun!

There is a clear connection with wine – 3 of the bands reflect this in their names e.g. In Vino Veritas from Monestier, Dordogne – home of Chateau Grinou Bergerac Wines; Bodega Banda from the Loiret; and the local Les Trous Gascons (usually a prune and Armagnac concoction!)

The title of the event reflects the Basque influence on this area – as far as I can tell the “Penas” comes from the Flamenco dancing clubs in Spain.

Nearby you can check out the wines of Plaimont,


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