Celebration Champagne tasting route

With your champagne-glass ‘passport’ in hand, take the Champagne tasting route 27 – 28 July 2019 in the Côte de Bars Champagne sector near Bar-sur-Aube (10 Aube, Grand Est) Visit the villages, open the cellar doors and taste the champagne. In 2019 the focus is on the Vallée d’Arce-en Seine to the southeast of Bar-sur-Seine.

route de champagne posterIn a warm and festive atmosphere, go on a discovery tour of the vineyards and wine cellars of Bar-sur-Aube, south of Reims. Armed with your champagne-glass ‘passport’ (flute), you’ll find the winemakers of this champagne district gladly opening their doors to you. With this precious object hanging from your neck, you’ll soon be tasting the famous champagne bubbles. In each village, musical, artistic and gourmet events brighten up each step of your trip along the champagne route.Each year a group of villages in the Aube take part in the festivities.

In 2018 seven villages will host the festivities in the Vallée de l’Ource, the centre of the main grape growing area of the Aube (the Côte des Bars, which is based on the towns of Bar sur Aube and Bar sur Seine) : Essoyes, Landreville, Viviers-sur-Artaut, Loches-sur-Ource, Noé-les-Mallets, Fontette, and Verpillière-sur-Ource

Champagne is undeniably the king of the festival. The flute passport is the essential key. The Champagne flute gives the holder access to each cellar and the freedom to taste the champagnes on offer. Organized events are planned in all the villages dressed up for the occasion: gourmet lunches animated by wine experts, exhibitions on champagne, shows in the streets…

For more info see www.routeduchampagne.com/

Stay at Le Village de Champagne in Bar-sur-Aube offering a variety of self-catering accommodation (roulottes, chalets and camping pods) in a spacious, wooded park with a covered swimming pool, a sauna and a small gym. Bar-sur-Aube is within walking distance.

Bar-sur-Seine is just over 2 hours from Paris by road

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