Carnaval Parades in Vitré, Brittany

To mark the end of Lent, the town of Vitré (35 Ile et Villaine, Bretagne) 5 and 18 April 20120 holds 2 parades – one in the daytime,  the other at night.  Known as the Carnaval des Gais Lurons the parades comprise numerous brightly decorated floats characterised by large paper-maché heads and involving copious amounts of confetti.

Gais Lurons charactersThe nighttime parade has the added advantage of spectacular illuminated floats passing through the medieval streets of the old town with festive musical offerings to create a real “carnival” atmosphere followed by a Battle of Confetti!

Vitré  (despite being some 100 km inland from St Malo is twinned with the Hampshire town of Lymington, and is designated by the French Government as one of the “villes et pays d’art et d’histoire” – i.e. towns and areas which are recognised as working to preserve and promote their heritage.

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Monday is market day in Vitré.

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