itsfrench.pngApparently there is a type of pain d’epices (spice cake, rather like gingerbread) made with honey which is designed to go with Foie Gras (Goose Liver)! So I learn from specialist French food importers Its French! I have yet to try this, but when you think that digestive biscuits work well with Stilton, then maybe it is not too far-fetched an idea!

Duck casseroles and confit, Duck breast stuffed with foie gras, Snail confit, Escargotine (snail pate), Snails in a spicy Catalan sauce, Organic Cold Pressed Rapeseed Oil, Organic peanuts, Haricot Beans and Green Lentils – just some items from an evocative list of fine stuff from small specialist producers in South West France – this is what Its French have on offer.

Based in Ashbourne, the company was set up by a husband and wife team just over a year ago. Simon and Carolyn now split their time between their homes in Derbyshire and Gascony (in Marciac (32 Gers, Midi-Pyrenees) with their French base providing the perfect platform for sourcing the finest of locally produced food direct from small artisan producers.

The It’s French! range is wholly sourced from small artisan producers, many of whom have inherited and continued the business of their parents and grandparents. All of them are passionate about their products, from conception through to distribution – so these are not mass-produced factory packed items.

It’s French! is committed to providing high quality products, not available in supermarkets in France or the UK, to people passionate about food. All the It’s French! selection is free from artificial colourings and preservatives.

Some new products have recently been launched which are sledom found in the UK (nor readiuly available in much of France) including snails sucarelle (in their shells in a rich wine and tomato sauce), a range of 7 different honeys (flower, acacia, lime and others) and a French version of gingercake made from honey and spices with orange or chocolate or apples and Calvados.

So you now have a source of some really interesting quality foods – and through the website at you can also read up about the small farmers/producers who make/grow/rear the products.

It’s French! 24 rue de juillac , MARCIAC, 32230
Tel: (UK) 01335 348452 Email:

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