Beautiful wines in a beautiful village

Rodemack citadelIn the Moselle département of eastern France, the citadel of Rodemack (57 Moselle Lorraine) is not only classified as one of “the most beautiful villages in France” (Plus Beaux Villages de France) it also plays host to an annual wine market 12-13 April 2014.
In the vaulted cellars of the citadel 20 winemakers will be showing their wines, including many representing other Plus Beaux Villages across France, including Provence, Loire, Alsace, SouthWest France.plusbeauxvill2
The French River Moselle runs close to the 3-borders of France, Germany and Luxembourg, before becoming known as the Mosel in Germany. The wine-producing area in French Moselle (around the city of Metz) is quite small, mainly producing white wines from Auxerrois Blanc and Müller-Thurgau grapes.

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