Bazouges Pommé Festival

Pomme Festival at BazougesPommé is a by-product of the cider-making process, and is a paste of apple purée with added caramel and prune flavourings, which is made in a traditional copper Pommé kettle (la pelle) over a period 24 hours, during which the mix has to be stirred continuously. The resulting paste is ideal for tarts and pastries or can be eaten by itself.
The Apple festival (Fete du Pommé ) at Bazouges-la-Pérouse(35 Ile-et-Villaine, Brittany) between Rennes and Avranches includes tastings of gastronomic dishes with a market, singing, dancing and a banquet and is held in October 18 – 20 October 2019.

Fête du Pommé
Pommé kettle

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Normandy – a Seafood Heaven

With its extensive coastline, seafood is one of Normandy’s specialities, from shellfish, to lobster, clams, whelks, scallops, mussels and oysters from the Manche and Calvados. Oysters are classified, like cheeses and wines, with their own AOC (Controlled Origin Name).  Seafood will feature on most menus from Dieppe to Alençon which often combine fish with the region’s other culinary specialities, such as Sauce à la Crème or au Camembert. Particular treats is Dieppe’s fish stew, called Marmite Dieppoise or Port en Bessin’s famous scallops or Coquilles St Jacques.

Whether eaten as a dessert, or as a treat with afternoon tea, many of Normandy’s sweet dishes are based on apples, such as the delicious apple tart. Another Norman speciality is the milky rice pudding or “Teurgoule” made with creamy local products. For those with a seriously sweet tooth, try the “Sucres de Pommes” from Rouen, an apple candy, or buttery Isigny toffees. normandie-tourisme