Battle of the Flowers at Villefranche-sur-Mer


Those folks on the French Riveria really know how to make us northern Europeans envious of their benign climate – February witnesses a whole series of festivals (Menton Lemons, Nice Flowers & Carnival, Mimosas) – and they hold them outside, whereas we dare not venture outside without hat, gloves, overcoat, scarf and thermal undergarments!

posterAt Villefrance-sur-Mer (06 Alpes-Maritimes, Provence) they celebrate with a Battle of the Flowers on water – in the Port de la Sante (which literally translates as Health Port) in February.
Traditional fishing boats (“pointus”) decorated with local flowers (carnations, mimosas) arranged in different motifs are in the harbour and a flower battle ensues between the boats whilst there are various other attractions on the quayside.

Villefranche is a pretty little coastal port with a natural deep harbour – the town feels more real than some of its bigger and more glitzy Riviera neighbours.

The local tourist office website is not one of the best I have seen and clearly someone has translated from the French into English using a dictionary word for word – hence “Moreover, you can savour its greedy treasures resulting from the sea in the restaurants in edge of sea.” – perhaps beware of paddling in case you get eaten?
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