The Champagne wine village of Ay (51 Marne, Grand Est) holds an bi-annual celebration of its wines with its King Henri IV Festival in July (7 – 8 July 2018),and the next then in 2020

poster AyEvery other year for more than 20 years the good people of Ay hand over the keys to their village to “their good King Henri IV. The King owned a wine press and was a fan of the wines of Ay! His doctor advised him to drink Champagne, as the wines were lighter than those of Burgundy.
Pendant les fêtes Henri IV, partout dans Aÿ, des surprises à découvrir, des spécialités à déguster, une ambiance à saisir au cours d’un week-end de joie et de détente dans la grande tradition champenoise. He did of course only drink Champagne for medicinal purposes!

Sample the wine and food at the many Champagne houses which will be open on these two festival days.On Saturday evening see the grand firework display with musical accompaniment. On Sunday afternoon the Ay carnival processes through the streets.

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The village of Ay is an important settlement established by the Romans